Second Shopping Trip💕 ~ Primark Summer ~

Okay so with exams ive been really inactive! But i went shopping for summery clothes today and just had to share. Now i love all different types of clothing shops but cant go wrong with primark!🌻

Check these out!

1. Chokers (£2)
2. Single Daisy Chocker (£1.50)
3. Elephant Blue Earring Set (£1.50)
4. Butterfly Manicure Set (£2)
5. Frilly socks (£1.50 each)
6. Bracelet Chockers (£1)
7. Pink Melon lip balm (£1)
8. Pink flower kimono (£14)
9. Light blue jeggings (£7)
10. Patchy blue skinny jeans (£11)
11. Purple flowy vest top (£4)
12. Pink flowers skater dress (£5)
13, Black Opaque 120 tights (£2.50)

Pictures below!

So excited for summer! First time I wont wear black (weird huh?) anyway! if im inactive doesnt mean you should be too!

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instagram: amy.louise24
wattpad: blackn0ir

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