About Me + Q&A

Hi my name's Amylou and this is my qauint little blog! Chronically Royal is my form of expressing myself, and allowing what it feels like to be chronically royal to be let out into the world, in my perspective.


How old are you?
I'm 19 currently. My birthday is the 24th November.

Where do you live?
I live in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. My timezone is GMT (or BST)

What is your blog name and why?
My blog name is "Chronically Royal". It used to be "Floral Ames" as I could never think of something other than the fact I like pretty things and I was called Ames? (Lol!) But about a year or two ago, I realised my strengths. I have many chronic illnesses as some of you will see via my facebook page, and I've always been told I'm treated like a princess. No, that does not mean I am some spoilt brat, I would never take things for granted, the way I am "illness wise" has taught me that, but I always had a sense of royalty or obsession with it. When I was younger, my dad bought me a book of surnames, and ours was in it, and stated our family name originated from the royal family of Ireland over centuries ago, so I chose "Chronically Royal" as I am chronic royalty😉

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What do you like to blog about?
I mainly blog about chronic illness. It's the only thing that I can generally never get writer's block about because I live the "chronic life" everyday. I guess my blogging style would be antidotal too, as I hate writing essays anyway, so I always try to include something relatable, and maybe a hint of sarcasm or irony too! If I had to put myself under a type of category I guess I would say Lifestyle? Mainly because, I write about a mixture of things. My travels, my makeup, illness. I dont think there's any other way to put it?

What is your favourite tv show?
Gosh this is a hard one! I'd have to say either RuPaul's Drag Race or Grey's Anatomy (At the moment!) RuPaul's Drag Race is absolutely amazing! Majority of them look soooooo good, and have amazing personalities too! Those are true role models to look up to! My favourite drag queen (Apart from Rupaul!) has to be Violet Chachki!

What is your favourite makeup/skincare product?
This changes all the time, so I may have to update this every now and then!
February 2017: Aveeno Ezcema Cream
March 2017: Makeup Revolution Corrector Palette
April 2017: Dermacol Foundation
June 2017: Galaxy Chic BH Cosmetics Palette
July: Nars Foundation (Siberia)
August 2017: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick (Firestarter

What is your favourite past time?
Probably doing my bullet journal, or organising my facebook groups!

What are some other cool facts about you?
  • I love dogs! Can never get enough of them!
  • I have been with my partner Daniel for 3 years this July!
  • I also write for Episode Interactive! (username: Floral Episodes)
  • I have one niece and three nephews!
  • I hope to one day be a wedding planner or in Social Media Marketing!
  • My favourite place in the whole wide world is Portrush, Northern Ireland
  • I'm an Eve Ambassador!

Chronic Illnesses. (Name & Age)

*Name; Symptoms:Diagnosis*

Chronic Brittle Asthma; 3:5
Eczema; 3:7
IBS; 7: 13
Chronic Joint Pain Syndrome 14:14
Insomnia 13:14
Permanent Hormone Imbalance; 16:16
Situational Depression 16:17
Immunodeficiency; 11:18
OBS; 4:18
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; 16:18
Chronic Migraine-Vertigo; 18:18
B12 & Folate Deficiency; Anaemia 16:18
Generalised Anxiety Disorder; 8:19
Chronic Pelvic Pain; 16:19
OCD-E 14:19

Currently Under Diagnosis
Name; Symptoms

Endometriosis; 16
Fibromyalgia; 14
GERD; 16
Kidney Issues; 16
Celiac Disease; 18
Yeast Allergy: 19


Recurrent Tendonitis; 18
Recurrent Bullous Impetigo; 6;19

Current Projects